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It's really, really cold in Atlanta, where I am. It snowed yesterday morning, and the snow is still covering my yard and my deck. Go see the pictures. (I also have them on MySpace.) Hey, but you're not here for my snow pictures. You're here for Podcrapular Lite, and in today's episode, I go off on the whole "when is art new" question -- is it new when you make it, or is it new when the public can get their hands on it and you're already making something else. Here is a useful link: Soccergirl Incorporated. If you listen to her show and leave a comment, please mention you heard about her show via Podcrapular. If even one percent of her listeners listen to our show, that'll be... well, a lot. And now, on with the show. (Image from the now-defunct webcomic "Angst Technology".)
Have you spent any time connectin' with your schnecken lately? Golfwidow and Andy Martello spent the better part of an hour doing just that. And, amongst the discussion about schnecken, money, computers, Jesus, Josh, and porn, GW managed to sandwich a little hint about what does and doesn't surprise her when it comes to sex. (Bet that got your attention.) Also in today's program: Bud Buckley! And, toward the end, some of the vilest language you'll probably hear this week. Don't want to miss that, do you? Links: The Schnecken Connection Frank Bell Get Bud Buckley's CD here! Bud Buckley's website Image from Penny Arcade. Music for Previously: "The Hero" by Ministry of Magic

In today's Podcrapular Lite, Golfwidow gets on the case of a fan fiction writer for too much buildup and too little payoff, and also makes a joke at Josh & Andy's expense.

If you've ever read fanfic, this is a PC Lite for you.

It's funny... today, I (Josh) also recorded a PC Lite about fanfic. You'll hear that in a week or two.


Here's a story... about a man named Sean...

You'll never get that song out of your head now.

Anyway, here's an excerpt of my short-story "The Very Next Day". Enjoy.

PS: the image is related to the story.


I realize this is way late, especially since Andy's run at the Hualapai Resort ended yesterday, but it's been a really hellish week.

I have one more PC Lite recorded and ready to send up. I don't know if I can turn my blog entry about tennis emergencies into a full PC Lite but I'll try.

Anyway, this is pretty funny, and it's 100% Andy Martello, so you should enjoy it thoroughly.


And now, a full Podcrapular for your listening enjoyment.

I apologize for no interstitial episodes between the last PCLite and this full PC, but I usually edit these on my lunch hour at work, and it's been a really busy week. I just haven't had the time. Then, over the weekend, it's also been busy, what with the vet appointments, the 16-month-old running around (and learning to feed herself yogurt), and yesterday me being sick and also exhausted.

Speaking of vet appointments, the cat pictured here is named Linus. He is one of my cats. He has a rhythm. Or, more precisely, an arrythmia which we're hoping is benign but we have to get him an ultrasound to be sure, and that's not cheap. In fact, one cat ultrasound costs more than four cat exams plus all the shots and four nail trims. We'll keep you posted.

Also, since I'm working different shifts all week this week, I don't know that I'll be able to put anything new up. I have two more PC Lite episodes on my hard drive and I'm going to try and edit them in the next 90 minutes before I have to pack my stuff up and go.

Okay, enough rambling. Here's the episode.


Okay, so, when I originally wrote my recent science fiction story, I originally called it "I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords". My plan was that, at the end, robot overlords would take over the world.

But as so many stories do, it didn't quite go the way I planned. I haven't renamed the story yet, so for now it's still called IFOWONRO on my computer. A printed copy is sitting in my bag, waiting for me to edit it for the first time. (I like to let them sit for a while after I finish.)

I thought it would be fun to share a few passages from the story with you. Unfortunately, I can't post the whole story online because, these days, that counts as publication, and I'd still like to sell it. Sorry. Still, have fun with these chunks. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Next up, either an Andy Martello PC Lite or a full-on Podcrapular. Depends upon how much time I have at lunch this week. I have both in my computer, plus one more PC Lite of my own still to edit.

(The lolcat for this episode, BTW, has nothing to do with the episode itself. I happen to be watching HP5 right now, and when I came across this image, I just had to share.)

Andy and Golfwidow talk about food a lot. It's only fair that I do too. I talk about musquirt, its mayonnaise equivalent, stuff I cook, stuff my wife cooks, and Mama Fu's Asian House. Links: Musquirt Deliquescing Mama Fu's I also want to draw your attention to this story: Teens Toss Feces on Shopper. Seriously, you have to watch the video. It's muy hilarioso, especially the second soundbite from the woman. it was our (*wait for it*) #2 story on 11Alive.com all morning yesterday. Since this is Podcrapular, I think it's a requirement that I mention poop every now and then. (I have PC Lite episodes from GW and Andy waiting to be edited, so those'll be coming as soon as I can edit them. It's been a bit busy around these parts. Also, I have two more episodes I recorded already "in the can", as it were. I just keep forgetting to post.)
I like to do audio production. Hence, the production I do for Podcrapular. In today's episode of Podcrapular Lite, take a listen to some of the other stuff I've produced. Links: Soccergirl, Incorporated The Fantasy Football Guys Andrea Shea-King WDBO Image from Ozy & Millie

So if Golfwidow is here... and Andy is here... but it's not a full Podcrapular... and PC Lite is usually one person...


Enjoy this week's Podcrapular Lite, starring Golfwidow and Andy. I made a new intro especially for them. You will enjoy it.

Oh, you want to know what they talked about? Damned if I know.

(I totally planned to post this last weekend, but I forgot. Sorry. My bad.)


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